Dianna Adams Staff Photo

Welcome to G.A.T.E.! 

Welcome to G.A.T.E.!  During the 2015-2016 school year, G.A.T.E. students will be investigating the life of Leonardo Da Vinci:  his art, his inventions, cartography, and all of his many talent.  Students will learn the IIM (Independent Investigation Method) of research through different units.  Students will identify their learning styles as well as traits of their personalities as dive into learning in GATE.  

Students will have opportunities to explore technology through the use of our classroom set of iPads and MacBooks!  Students will learn to create documents, newsletters, and brochures in Pages.  Students will create original podcasts, movies, documentaries, websites, and keynote presentations.  Fourth grade GATE students will participate in the Regional Technology Competition at Northeast Alabama Community College during the 2nd semester.  Students will be able to express their creativity through technology...THAT is where learning happens!

Art will be created in a variety of ways - painting, torn paper, clay, watercolors, origami...we LOVE ART in G.A.T.E.

Join us on an adventure this year in creativity, technology, research, and art!