4th Grade Science Night A Hit!
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Wednesday, March 16, 2016
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We certainly have some budding scientists at AES! Our 4th Grade Science Night was a huge success! This evening featured projects completed by students, G.A.T.E. technology competition projects, an Aviation display by the Albertville Regional Airport, and a War Memorabilia display by Mr. Randy Brandon. Winners of the Science Fair Projects were determined by originality, ingenuity, and their understanding of the project they presented. There was a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner for each of the five pods in 4th grade.

Pod 1 winners: 1st Place - Yukina Hamai

                       2nd Place - Gavin Malone

                       3rd Place - Andrew Reyes

Pod 2 winners:  1st Place - Austin Bagley

                           2nd Place - Damion Palacios

                        3rd Place - Daniel Cappes

Pod 3 winners:  1st Place - Anjoli Trinidad

                        2nd Place - Abigail Lovell

                        3rd Place - Allie Matthews

Pod 4 Winners:  1st Place - Gracyn Spicer

                         2nd Place - Emma Rhoden

                   3rd Place - Ava Owens

Pod 5 Winners: 1st Place- Jakob Duquette

                  2nd Place - Cole Moon

                        3rd Place - Christen Amos

Congratulations to our winners and job well done to all students!! 

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