The Great American Mail Race
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Monday, April 21, 2014
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In February Mrs. Kara Jones 3rd grade class, received a letter from a 3rd grade student in Massachusetts.  The letter described how her class was participating in “The Great American Mail Race.” We were also invited to participate, and we gladly accepted!! 

    First we sent back the information form to the student from Massachusetts. This form told about our school, and we were able to show the students in Massachusetts all the aspects of our community. 

    We of course, did not stop there! We then drew out names and gave a state to each student in our class.  The students then wrote a friendly letter to an elementary school in their state.  We also included the same information form that was sent to us.  We will be placing these letters in the mail next week in hopes that these schools will send us a response and possibly join “The Great American Mail Race.”

    This activity has been very exciting for the students! They can not wait to receive letters, hopefully from the state that they were given.  It has also been a great activity to help the students practice friendly letters, and most importantly, they have crossed the curriculum to discover different areas of the United States!

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