Bob the Wildlife Guy
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Monday, January 13, 2014
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Bob the Wildlife Guy Visits AES

Bob the Wildlife Guy visited AES on January 7th, to present a Wildlife program “Predators to PREY”. The program featured animal exhibits that looked into the cycle of life and how every carnivore, herbivore or plant on the food chain plays a vital role to our thriving ecosystem.

Students enjoyed the program and were able to see several different animals including: Elliot, an Eurasian Eagle Owl, which is the largest owl on the planet; Yaca, a Dwarf Caiman, native to South America and a uniquely skilled aquatic predator; BeeBop the bobcat who is always eager to demonstrate his pouncing skills; a Blacked Tailed Prairie Dog, which are a keystone species that plays an integral role in promoting animal and plant diversity in the Great Plains; and a few nonpoisonous snakes that keep venomous snakes away.

Even though teachers were able to pet and hold some of the animals, Bob reminded everyone that the animals were not pets. Bob’s primary focus is on education through an appreciation for wildlife and healthy respect for their welfare and our natural world.


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