Red Ribbon Week
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Tuesday, November 19, 2013
Shade Out Drugs
Shade Out Drugs
A Healthy Me is Drug Free

The students at AES took part in Red Ribbon Week, October 21-25, with a door decorating contest and dress-up themes for each day. Mrs. Kirby's class took pictures of themselves eating gummy worms to glue on the head of a spider they made for a door themed "I'd Rather Eat Bugs Than Do Drugs!". Mrs. Hudgins' boys and girls made fun and crazy monsters for their door, "Mash Away Drugs!". Monday students wore black for "A Healthy Me is Drug Free". Tuesday they wore jeans and red for "I'm a 'Jeanius' Don't Do Drugs". Wednesday students were asked to wear their favorite team colors (Roll Tide!!) for "Team Up Against Drugs". Thursday some crazy sunglasses were seen roaming about for "Shade Out Drugs", and Friday was pretty wacky around campus as everyone dressed for "Drugs Turn You Inside Out".

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